Uncover, Discover, Discard

Therapeutic Methods

Utilising a combination of therapeutic methods, We UNCOVER our problems, we DISCOVER the causes of those problems, and then through a simple guided analysis, we DISCARD them and get free.

This works for people who are very angry, frightened and harbour a lot of guilt or remorse. These can all be uncovered, exposed and in that process removed or significantly reduced.

uncover-discover-discard-barriosEmile Barrios

Therapeutic methods include:

Person-centred Therapy – There is unconditional positive regard for the client which allows the client to feel safe and secure within a counselling environment of compassionate listening.

Goal-centred Therapy – These goals include happiness, a peaceful mind, joy, to be free of emotional pain, to be free of anger, to be free of fear, to be guilt free, to improve self-esteem, to be able to love unselfishly, to find companionship, to become self-aware and to be spiritually awakened or develop a religious or non-religious faith.

Moral Psychology – Moral psychology is concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour. It is for people who are interested in a spiritual or faith based (not necessarily religious) solution to their psychological problem. It is practical and specifically designed to free people from emotional pain caused by an excess of stored up resentment or anger, fear and guilt. It is also available to the non-religious and non-faithful.

Buddhist or Spiritual Psychology – Buddhist or Spiritual psychology has two therapeutic goals: a healthy and virtuous life and the ultimate goal of the total cessation of dissatisfaction and suffering.

Psychoeducation – Psychoeducation is used to educate people about aspects of their area of trouble that they otherwise would not know. This is particularly true around, but not exclusive to, areas of gender, sexuality and sexual desire. This is particularly applicable for people whose lives have become unbearable because they exist on a constellation of false beliefs. We identify those beliefs and challenge them with more truthful approaches to life.