Men, Masculinity, Sexuality, Guilt and Forgiveness

Sexuality can be a very confusing issue. Especially if we have have been brought up with very fixed ideas about marriage, masculinity and relationships.
Education, support and counselling is provided to men who would like to discreetly discuss issues around their sexual thoughts and desires and sexual activities.
Your worries may look like this:
  • I don’t want to feel this guilt around what I think and do sexually.
  • I can’t talk to my mates or my wife about this stuff. I need to talk to someone who will not judge me, who will be discreet, and who can help me make sense of my sexual desires.
  • I’m married, I love my wife, but I like to have sex with men.
  • I like to have sex with both guys and girls. Where do I fit in the picture? Who am I going to fall in love with?
  • I want to have a relationship but my sexual desires go beyond being monogamous or being faithful to only one partner. What will I do?
  • I like to have sex with men. But I’m also attracted to women. Do I have to come out as gay? If I do it will kill me. My mates will kill me. My family will kill me. My girlfriend will kill me.
Many men feel profoundly guilty because they have a curiosity about their own sexuality and the sexuality of other men. This guilt can be a huge burden and discussing these issues with someone who is sympathetic will ease the burden and the pain considerably.
Many men who are married to good, loyal and loving wives are wracked with guilt because, whilst they may love and cherish their wives, they have desires which go beyond the marital bedroom.
There are solutions to these issues. Sometimes they are simple, sometimes they are not. We cannot promise to solve them, but we can certainly ease the burden of guilt.