Lectures and Workshops

I can provide lectures and workshops on any of the following subjects. These can also be tailored to suit a specific program of staff training, rehabilitation centre or retreat.

  • Harm, Guilt, Forgiveness and Amends
  • Freedom from Anger – not anger management
  • Counselling Strategies for People in Emotional Pain
    • Moral Psychology
  • An introduction to Emotional Pain – working with Prisoners
  • The Importance of Mindfulness and Meditation
  • The difficulty with many ‘evidence based’ approaches:
  • Gender, Desire and Sexuality – beyond the binary and into the fluid
  • Alcoholism and Drug Addiction – Pain and Realistic Solutions through Moral Psychology
  • The Ego as Imposter
    • What is fear and how does it control us?
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Spiritual Awakening for Everyone and Anyone – even Dummies
    • Love and Happiness