Guiding Principles of Blue Lotus Counselling

Blue Lotus is founded on the dual principles of

Compassion and Wakefulness

It is a company dedicated to the following goals:

  • the treatment and/or removal of emotional pain and suffering
  • the clarification of confusion around sexuality and sexual desire
  • clarification around issues with alcohol and other drugs

These goals are achieved through the practices of:

  • counselling
  • mindfulness education
  • loving awareness
  • compassion
  • listening and,
  • humility

Awareness is heightened through:

  • compassionate listening
  • guided self-exploration
  • guided self-analysis
  • guided self-awareness
  • the teaching and practice of mindfulness
  • the teaching and practice of loving awareness
  • the teaching and practice of compassion
  • forgiveness – which means “cease to resent”
  • learning and practicing emotional first-aid
  • learning and practicing emotional hygiene

Guidance is given through a practical program of:

  • the recognition and acceptance of emotional pain and suffering
  • the acknowledgement of an inability to control or be free of the pain and suffering
  • the recognition and acceptance that spirituality, mindfulness practices and emotional hygiene provide strength and direction throughout a guided healing process and beyond
  • the need for an assisted analysis of self through identification of the causes of suffering in the form of anger, fear, guilt, remorse, shame and loneliness
  • the need for a guided discussion of the analysis done with forgiveness as a guiding principle – forgiveness of self and the forgiveness of others
  • the acceptance that the pain we see and dislike in others is pain we hold onto and within ourselves
  • the recognition that mindfulness and self-awareness can help remove our habitual suffering
  • the identification of any harm we may have done to others
  • a willingness to express our sincere regret, as an apology, to others we have harmed ensuring no further harm is done
  • emotional hygiene – ongoing assisted self-analysis to ensure relief from further suffering
  • continued mindfulness practice to ensure a sense of direction in life and freedom from unnecessary suffering
  • the need for discussion with others who suffer about how freedom from suffering can be achieved

Teaching that true refuge can be found in three places:

  1. A higher being or example of a higher being (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.)
  2. The truth or wisdom – read and learn from spiritual literature and spiritual teaching
  3. A like-minded community – find and bind with like-minded friends who practice loving spiritual principles

Principle of selling:

  • I will not sell anything that I do not consider makes a valuable contribution to mental health, meditation practice or which has educational value on spiritual practice or that I have not read or do not use or have not used myself.