Gender, Sexuality, Sexual Desire and Relationships

Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Desire

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Many of us strongly feel, think about, or act upon, sexual desires beyond our understandings of the assumed ‘norms’ of sexuality. For this reason we act on or feel these desires and then feel guilt, shame and remorse. Clients are informed of the existence of the broad spectra of gender, sexuality and desire.

Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Desire

Education Therapy is very useful for people who are frustrated and confused around issues of relationships, gender and sexuality. The confusion a person experiences around these aspects of themselves can be alleviated through education and information.

Partners, parents, siblings and friends of individuals with gender or sexuality concerns may also benefit from some education therapy in a counselling context.

Education Therapy helps in understanding the nature of sexuality and desire. I help curious clients to understand the nature of sexuality.  This is often very freeing when we become better informed about the great possibilities beyond the constraints of our sexual socialisation.

A practice of self-forgiveness is also very powerful for people who suffer from self-loathing as the result of their inherited ideas about sex and sexuality. I teach people the practice of self-forgiveness which consequently helps to build healthy self-esteem.


Growing up we are taught very limited and conventional models for relationships. However, in this modern era we are now aware of many more ways to conduct successful relationships which go beyond the traditional model of marriage and all the assumptions and expectations that go with it.

Men, Sexuality, Guilt and Forgiveness