Blue Lotus Online and Outreach Counselling

Experienced Counselling with a Difference

Effective solutions for relief and freedom from emotional pain

Someone to talk to online, or I come to you. 

Blue Lotus Counselling Online is an online and outreach counselling service for people who need someone to talk to.

It is a specialised service for people who are suffering from:

  1. excessive and ongoing emotional pain and/or,
  2. confusion around aspects of their sexuality – their own or someone else’s and/or,
  3. alcohol and other drug dependency.

What’s the Difference?

  1. The source of a lot of emotional pain is a build up of anger, fear and guilt. Blue Lotus Counselling aims to remove the anger, fear and guilt, not to manage them. More…
  2. Sexuality can be a very confusing thing. What do we do when our sexual desires do not specifically fit what we assumed to be ‘normal’? The same can be said of gender where gender is both and neither male nor female. Confused? Clarification is available. More…
  3. To be powerless to control our drinking or drug use can have a devastating effect on our whole lives. Blue Lotus Counselling helps sufferers to identify exactly what their problem is. We then provide a referral to an appropriate place of treatment, or some personal strategies for a more manageable life. More…


Outreach simply means that I come to you. I can meet you at your home, your office, or a pre-arranged suitable venue. It is important the venue be somewhere where we have complete privacy; that we cannot be overheard or interrupted.